May 19th 2023 in Stockholm at Stadsgårdsterminalen. Open 13.00-20.00 (the bar until 01.00)

Kinkbash is part of Stockholm Fetish Weekend. Scroll down to find SFW schedule.



  • Skofeber
  • Fittslöjd
  • Marika Smith
  • Flirt Fashion
  • Dojo Yorokobi
  • Blue Vision
  • The Kinky Camera
  • Kinky Clowns
  • Pony Boy Express
  • Tantric Kink
  • Fräulein Frauke
  • We got cookies
  • Fia
  • Chaos Whips
  • Seraphine
  • OuchPouchCraft

Associations & Clubs

  • Club Abzint
  • Dekadance
  • SLM Stockholm
  • WISH Stockholm
  • Gott & Blandat
  • KinkClub Stockholm
  • Club Sade


  • Kinkypodden
  • Sex som trans
  • Sexperterna
  • Sexmuseet Stockholm
    ”Herrtidningar mellan 1880 och 2020”
  • Art by Anna Caroline
  • Karin Hedenvinds Erotiska Bilder

Second hand

ett flertal secondhand- försäljare med

  • böcker
  • latex
  • läder
  • uniformer
  • skor
  • etc

Shops & second hand with fetish- and bd/sm- gear, clothing and merchandise,  latex, leather, collars, whips, shibari ropes.

Meet organizers of fetish-, bdsm, kinky, burlesque, tantra and other sex- positive events such as play parties, educational workshops and lectures.

Artists of painting, photography, embroidery and more. Something for your eyes, as well as your mind, during Kinkbash.

Kinkbash info

May 19th 2023
Stadsgårdsterminalen Stockholm (T-Slussen)


Opening hours 
Entrance fee
100 SEK


Lectures & workshops are listed here. Vendors are listed in participants section.

14.00 – 14.45 Fröken Q´s floggingskola

15.00 – 15.45 Catkin Moon – Björkris, så funkar det

16.00 -16.45 Sofia Cerne – Tantrisk kink 

17.00 – 18.45 Club Wish separatistiskt pyssel

(med reservation för eventuella ändringar)

Send us an email if you want to be a part of Kinkbash.


The bar & Clubcrashing 

No entrance fee

The bar upstairs will be open with art, drinks and food from 15.00 and for Clubcrashing 20.00- 01.00

Meet friends and hang out with Club Abzint & Dekadance. Happnings, art exhibitions, DJs & live music. You are most welcome to dress up in your favorite outfit.

During the evening

Erotic art exhibition by Karin Hedenvind and Anna Caroline
Photo Booth “The Kinky Camera”

21.00 Aurora & Ludvig
Fun, sexy, cool jazz! The retroglittery jazz duo Aurora Brännström and Ludvig Lundgren is back with a scaled back set of intimate and hot jazz

23.30 Dj duo XNO
XNO is a duo consisting of PATA & ItsOk, based in Stockholm, Sweden. With their love for Drum&Bass they blend different sub genres and put a lot of effort into every set they make. With raving amounts of energy and excitement they will take you down the bass trail! Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook

Wednesday MAY 17

CLUB WISH 19.00-01.00

Wish Stockholm is a separatist association that welcomes women, transgender, non-binary and/or intersexual persons who have an interest in BDSM and fetishism.

SLM & DEKADANCE 22.00-03.00

Dance and mingle in your fetish wear at SLM.

CLUB SADE 22.00-03.00

BDSM play party in the cottage in Judarskogen.

Thursday may 18

KINKCLUB & AKB 18.00-24.00

Your kink-friendly livingroom with place to hang our and to play.

Friday may 19

KINKBASH by CLUB ABZINT. 13.00-20.00

Lectures, shops, crafts, art, organizers and an bar to hang out with your friends all day long. 


Dress up and join us in the bar – art, DJ:s, live music & happenings.

Saturday may 20

DEKADANCE 21.00-03.00

Dekadance hosts the grand finale with a big Stockholm Fetish Weekend party.


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