We aim to have a variety of shops, organizers, performance artists, educators and more at this fair. New date for next event is June 18th 2022 in Stockholm at Söder Mälarstrand 25B

Shops with fetish- and bd/sm- gear, clothing and merchandise, such as latex cloting, leather clothing, collars, whips and more. Meet small and big manufacturers of harnesses, jewelry, shibari ropes and one of a kind burlesque show stoppers.

Organizers of fetish-, bdsm, kinky, burlesque, tantra and other sex- positive events such as play parties, educational workshops and lectures.

Performance artists, photography, paintings and more. There is always something for your eyes, as well as your mind, during Kinkbash.


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This list of participants will grow as more join us. Continue scrolling to learn more about each shop/organizer/artist.


BDSM Architecture


Justine& Juliette

Club Abzint Merch

more to come


Club Abzint


more to come


Anna Siivonen

Beyond Flesh

Oxalis Triangularis

Bodyshot Studios


more to come


Shops with fetish- and bd/sm- gear, clothing and merchandise, such as latex cloting, leather clothing, collars, whips and more. Meet small and big manufacturers of harnesses, jewelry, shibari ropes and one of a kind burlesque show stoppers.

BDSM Architecture offers premium handmade sex and BDSM furniture. You can choose from the finest examples of our genuine design fetish furniture for your dungeon or discrete bondage furniture for your living room.

Scighera Stockholm makes kinky leather accessories, such as floggers, harnesses, chokers and all kinds of restraints.

Justine & Juliette offers a wide range of products for the decadent connoisseur. 

Ropes, bondage gear and toys and tools for pain and/or pleasure

Merchandise from your favorite club. Towels for the beach to make new friends, pins for your jacket. Coasters, magnets and more.

Placeholder for your shop. Are you a small latex craftsman, burlesque & beautiful things maker, quality sextoys, leather specialist, metalworks…

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Organizers from a broad range of scenes are presented here. Fetish clubs, shibari-kinbaku schools, BD/SM clubs, burlesque partys, swingers, sex educators and more. No matter of gender or sexual orientation we hope there is something for you.

Fetish, BDSM and kinky events in Stockholm, Norrköping and other parts of Sweden. Small intimate play partys and big shows for hundreds of guests. Also educational events, different bodily explorations and more.

Tantrickink is a combination of Tantra and BDSM, in english you call it Consious Kink, where Sofia Cerne bodyworker and teacher give trainings and retreats, also published a book Tantrickink – kittla din fantasi med lekfulla möten in 2021 that will be at sale at the Bash! 

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Placeholder for your organisation. Are you doing online workshops, lectures on good sex practice, tantric meetups, fetish dance events, drag school or something all together different?


Meet the great entertainers and artists of the kink scene. A variety of burlesque artists, nerv-wracking suspensions, beautiful bondage, and marvelous aerial artistry. Meet photographers, graphic designers, painters and more also featured.

Handmade art Jewelry with a twist. Dogs, cats, surrealistic fairytale creatures. Minimal allergy safe earrings. I work in, bronze, silver, titanium, niobium, steel and copper. All made in my small studio in Stockholm, Sweden. XOXO/Anna Siivonen

Pleasure Beyond Flesh was conceived in Stockholm, Sweden, as a creative outlet to explore sexuality on film in a highly visual manner.

Their films diverge from contemporary pornography in a way to please both the creative and sexual minds.  They set out to explore the borders between art and porn only following their own rules. If it’s consensual – it’s OK.

Pleasure Beyond Flesh views their works as collaborations between producers, performers, and musicians.

The label will launch in 2022.

Oxalis Triangularis

Oxalis Triangularis ties you to the flowers. A romantic view of kink.

Photographer specialized in fine art nude, kinky session photography and art projects.

Warnstrom is an Artist/Illustrator from Sweden. She enjoys drawing quirky characters, often anthropomorphic, always fashionable.
Apart from freelance illustration, Warnstrom runs a little side hustle selling stickers and artprints online, which will be available exclusively for Kinkbash!
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Placeholder for your presentation. Are you a burlesque entertainer, shibari showstopper, poet, painter, drag show artist, aerial expert..

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